Thug jailed after sick cancer outburst to police officer

Christopher Small
Christopher Small

AN Asbo yob told a police officer he hoped her “children died of cancer” after smearing his own faeces around a police cell.

Christopher Michael Small asked if the police woman’s kids were “dead yet”, threatened to break her neck, and swore at her, calling her “ugly”.

The tirade of shocking abuse happened as the cop took the 32-year-old to hospital for treatment to a leg injury.

That was after he had urinated and defecated in a cell at Hartlepool Police Station, in Avenue Road, and daubed the walls and a mattress with his faeces.

He was originally arrested for shouting and swearing at JobCentre Plus staff, and for carrying a crescent-shaped herb-cutter in the town’s Swainson Street.

The thug, who is subject to an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) until December 6, was jailed for 26 weeks when he appeared in custody at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to four offences.

They are:

• Breach of his Asbo by using threatening words or behaviour at JobCentre Plus on August 22;

• Possession of a bladed article in a public place, namely the herb cutter, on August 22;

• Criminal damage to the police cell on August 22;

• Breach of Asbo by being verbally abusive and threatening to a police officer on August 24.

Helen Kesterton, prosecuting, told Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court: “On November 10, 2009, the defendant was made subject to an Asbo.

“At 3.10pm on August 22 he went into the job centre and was heard being abusive to staff. He was repeatedly asked to calm down but he continued. There were other people, including children, there at the time.

“Police were called and he was found with the herb cutter.

“He was arrested and whilst in his cell he urinated and defecated, and rubbed the faeces onto the mattress and walls of the cell.”

She added: “He was later transported in a police van to North Tees General Hospital where he shouted and swore at an officer.

“He said ‘are your kids not dead yet?’, called her ‘ugly’, that he wished she would fall and break her neck, and threatened her, saying ‘you want to hope I don’t find out where you live’.

“He was treated and then continued being abusive on the way back to the police station saying he wished her kids got cancer and died.”

David Smith, mitigating, said his client’s original intentions when he entered the job centre were “noble” as he wanted to secure employment.

He claimed Small, of Carlton Street, Hartlepool, was going to give the herb cutter, which he had got from a friend,to his mum as a surprise because she has “bad hands” and thought she could use it “when cutting pizza for the children”.

Mr Smith said Small’s requests for food and medical attention were ignored so “he would admit smearing a small amount of excrement in protest”.

He added: “As for making comments to the officer, he doesn’t really wish that her children would die but he did it in a show of bravado because he says that she asked him ‘are you not dead yet?’

“ This is something which we are considering lodging a complaint about”.