Times are changing in shopping centre

Middleton Grange Shopping Centre manager Mark Rycraft and the clock
Middleton Grange Shopping Centre manager Mark Rycraft and the clock

SHOPPING centre chiefs are ticking all the right boxes with customers after installing a new clock.

Customers complained to bosses at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre in Hartlepool – and one even wrote to the Hartlepool Mail to air their views – about the lack of a timepiece in the centre.

Management responded and installed a new 3ft one above Marks and Spencer in the Central Square.

It is the first time the centre has had a clock since the one which used to adorn the wall above Woolworths before its closure.

Centre manager Mark Rycraft said: “Part of our strategy is to listen to customers and respond to them. This is in direct response to customer’s requests.

“We also have an account on Facebook to respond to complaints and comments from the public.”

Mr Rycraft said the new £250 clock could be seen from a distance. He added: “It has big numbers and we decided to go for numbers instead of Roman numerals after one shopper asked us to do that.”

He said another example of the centre responding to demand was when it was asked to respond to comments about a Christmas tree.

It has now fenced it off, donated it to Hartlepool Harbour which specialises in services around domestic abuse and now has 140 tags taken on the tree out of 160 available.

“That only came about through us listening to customers,” added Mr Rycraft.