Toddler rescued by fire brigade after sparking 999 drama by locking himself in car

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A MISCHIEVOUS Hartlepool toddler sparked a 999 drama when he locked himself in the family car.

Little William Robertson took the opportunity to ‘secure’ himself in his parents’ car when his mum popped to his grandma’s house to drop off some milk.

Despite being left alone in the car for a matter of seconds, the two-year-old had enough time to slip his shoulder through the straps of his car seat, and then flicked the central locking button on the blue Peugeot to lock himself and the car keys inside.

The youngster’s mum, nurse Andrea Collier, 36, realised what had happened immediately and contacted the fire brigade for help.

A crew from Stranton fire station went to William’s aid at Rillston Close, in Naisberry Park, Hartlepool, and managed to open the rear window to release the locks.

And the Fireman Sam fan was delighted when his heroes turned up to save him!

Dad John Robertson, 36 – who was at work at the time – said the “little monkey” enjoyed it.

John, of Mountston Close, also in Naisberry Park, is also worried that his young son might try the trick again now he knows the response it gets.

“He is definitely likely to try and do it again now so we’ll have to be really careful,” said the tattoo artist.

“He’s Fireman Sam-mad, that’s all he watches.

“The firefighters had him sitting in the truck, so he couldn’t have been happier!”

He added: “He rang me up at work and all he kept saying was ‘dad, dad, got stuck’. We couldn’t believe it, it’ll be another one to tell him about when he’s older.

“Andrea had gone to give my mam some milk and as soon as she got out of the car he’s got his shoulder out of the straps and pressed the button.

“I feared something like this might happen because he always wants me to get in the back seat with him, and then he likes to lean over and push the button down.”

John says William has never got himself stuck anywhere before but said he has a previous record with keys – so much so that John has had to craft a home-made tool to retrieve keys from drains beneath decking in their garden.

“He’s always taking our conservatory door keys and dropping them down the drain beneath the decking out the back and then he comes and tells you,” said John.

“It’s happened so many times that I’ve had to make a tool to get them back.

“It’s a piece of bamboo with a paper clip made into a hook on the end so I can hook the keys out of the drain.

“He’s constant mischief. He’s a little monkey, to 
be honest, a right little handful.”