Town set to bake in weather hotter than Malta

Linda Fowler feeding her Akita dog Holly an ice cream
Linda Fowler feeding her Akita dog Holly an ice cream

HARTLEPOOL is bracing itself for a heatwave with soaring temperatures set to reach a sizzling 77F over the next few days.

The unusually hot weather tomorrow and Thursday will see the town eclipse European sunspots such as Tenerife and Malta.

The sizzling sun means temperatures will soar above the September average of 61F.

But people are being urged to make the most of it – the glorious spell l Turn to Page 5 of weather comes just days after experts warned of snowfall in October.

And the sun and heat is set to last just five days before the temperatures drop again.

The warm spell started today with temperatures expected to reach 21C (70F) but it’s tomorrow and Thursday when people can enjoy a real burst of Indian summer weather.

Thermometers look poised to peak at 77F, just short of the expected temperatures in Mexico City, Faro and Rome.

Experts told the Mail that the heatwave is a result of a high pressure area coming towards Britain, which is pushing out the rain and wind.

Excited residents and businesses in the town are thrilled at the prospect of the warm weather after a disappointing summer.

Norma Hedley enjoyed the fine start to the week alongside her two-year-old grandson Owen Hedley-Hocking at Seaton Carew beach yesterday.

Norma, a retired activities co-ordinator, said: “It’s lovely to get out in the beautiful weather so it will be fantastic this week.

“It’s been a disappointing summer so it’s great to have a few days like this, you certainly don’t expect it at the end of September.

“Owen loves being out in the sun.”

Dog-walker Linda Fowler, 64, a retired cleaner who lives in Billingham with husband Neil, 68, a retired technician, said: “We come to Seaton every day no matter what the weather, but it will be really nice to walk along in the sun.

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

Stephen Amerigo, 49, who owns Picadilly Bar ice-cream vans, said: “The kids are back at school, so to be honest it probably won’t have a big impact on us.

“Our customers tend to be regulars who are here at Seaton every day, but it’s still going to be great to have those temperatures.”

Alison Richards from the Met Office, said: “Temperatures are set to rise as the week goes on and it is set to be exceptionally hot for this time of year.

“The average temperature for September is 16C.

“The temperatures will be caused by a weather system which has been pushed our way due to high pressure.

“The high temperatures are set to start today but will move away next week.”