TV star Robson Green visits Hartlepool for a day’s fishing

Robson Green pictured with skipper Rob Archer and some of the fish that were caught at sea.
Robson Green pictured with skipper Rob Archer and some of the fish that were caught at sea.

IT’S not often you get a television star on board when you go out to sea.

But that’s exactly what happened to Rob Archer and his Hartlepool crew when they headed out for a day’s fishing - with Robson Green for company.

The star of the Extreme Fishing series honoured a promise to come out with the lads which he had made when he met Rob at the Pride of Britain Awards last year.

And offshore crane operator Rob, 36, admitted: “He was a good laugh. He had a craic on with us and he even signed our shirts.”

Rob and his five-man crew - on board his boat called the Lady Grace - were determined to ensure Robson had a good day’s fishing.

They headed out to sea at 6.30am yesterday and went as far south as Staithes to find good fishing waters.

Their search paid dividends when they returned with a catch of 20 cod, weighing up to 10lb, and a couple of ling.

The star of the series Extreme Fishing with Robson Green and the spin-off Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge first met Rob when he got talking to a delegation from the Hartlepool RNLI.

They were at the Pride of Britain Awards to collect an honour for their rescue of a teenager trapped in sand at Seaton Carew, and Robson - - was an invited guest.

“He was really chatty with us because he knew where we were from,” said Rob. “I think I tortured him a bit to come fishing with us and he said he would as soon as he got the chance. He did and he seemed to really enjoy it.”

The television star told his fellow fishermen that he was glad of the experience to get out because it “got him back into the regime” of fishing, said Rob.

Rob, from the Headland, who is engaged to Anne-Marie Austin, 32, added: “We tried a couple of places for fishing in Hartlepool but the wind picked up and at one point we were 12 to 14 miles from Hartlepool. When we got back, he asked if we would take him out again and if he could bring his son next time. We told him he was welcome to come along any time he wanted to chill out.”

But there was one special reason why Rob and his crew were determined to get Robson back to dry land on time.

He had to be away by 5pm to get to Kielder where he was due to present an event to mark the meteor shower earlier this week.

Rob added: “Apparently, he was presenting to 800 guests at a function. I had all sorts of back-up plans to make sure he got back on time.”