Unlucky Tim’s refusing to give up

Tim Robson.
Tim Robson.

UNLUCKY Tim Robson was the only one of the five jobseekers who didn’t find work – but he’s refusing to throw the towel in.

Tim, 51, is a former lab technician who hasn’t worked since being made redundant 18 months ago, was unsuccessful in his interview and remains in the job queue.

To make matters worse, he is currently in plaster after breaking his ankle in a freak accident when he slipped in his Headland home.

But Tim is refusing to get down about his situation, and has vowed to get back on with the search for work as soon as he is back on his feet.

Tim, who lives on his own in Frederic Street, said: “I’ve had an operation on my ankle and had to have pins inserted, so I’m not getting much job searching done at the moment as I can’t get out of the house.

“I watched the programme, and thought everyone came across very well.

“Hayley, the Fairy Jobmother, came across very hard-faced, but off camera she enjoyed a laugh and I wouldn’t have a bad word said about her.

“It showed us having a laugh, but there were a lot of things which didn’t make it onto the programme.

“I tried to lighten things up a bit, I tried a suit on the night before the interview but it made me look like Norman Wisdom so I didn’t bother with it.

“I had a Homer Simpson tie as well, which I thought might have got on there, but it was cut out.”

While Tim is determined to look on the bright side of life, he admits his age and CV may be working against him as his job hunt goes on.

He added: “I’m a bit between the devil and the deep blue sea to be honest.

“I’ve got managerial experience on my CV. So if I go for a job that I’m effectively over-qualified for then the employer tends to think I’m just using them as a stepping stone until something better comes up.

“But at the other end of the scale, you don’t see many chief executive jobs for big companies being advertised.

“The other people on the show were a lot younger than me, but I was genuinely pleased they got fixed up.

“I’ll continue to keep looking, I won’t give up.

“I didn’t go on the telly for a daft laugh, I went on because I am serious about finding work.

“I didn’t get a job through the programme, but if something comes from it and a door opens for me somewhere along the line then I’ll be over the moon.”