Upset man knocked love rival’s teeth out

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A MAN knocked out his love rival’s teeth when he found him with his semi-naked girlfriend after a drinking session together.

Timothy Ellis struck up a relationship with Christine O’Hara after she had been separated from husband Colin Davey for three years.

All three remained on good terms. But prosecutor Alec Burns told Durham Crown Court the “unconventional arrangement” came to a violent end when Ellis turned up at Mr Davey’s home in search of Ms O’Hara because he had forgotten his keys.

Mr Davey had drunk 20 cans of beer by the time Ellis appeared at 5pm following the end of his shift at a recycling yard in Horden.

“Neighbours saw him go in to the property,” said Mr Burns. “And then there was a great deal of noise which has led the police to be contacted.

“Mr Davey and Ms O’Hara cannot remember what happened.

“Given their state of intoxication that might be understandable.

“Police arrived and everybody was still there. Ms O’Hara was only wearing a cardigan, which was not done up, and Mr Davey’s teeth were found littered around the house.”

When officers arrested Ellis, the 53-year-old, of Barwick Street, Easington Colliery, told them he “went mental” on Mr Davey.

The victim could not see out of a swollen eye, one of the bones in his face was fractured and he had to have stitches.

Despite his injuries, Mr Burns said Mr Davey refused to make a victim impact statement, adding: “Perhaps the way they were found explains that.”

Ellis admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm on July 6, but denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent, which will lie on file.

The court heard Ellis had an extensive record of convictions for assaults, the last in 2009, which led to a prison term.

Ron Mitchell, mitigating, said Ellis settled down after last leaving custody and held down his job.

Mr Mitchell, who said Ms O’Hara had been in touch with Ellis since he was held on remand, said: “She was in drink, Mr Davey was in more drink and as you heard from himself, he went mental on him.

“Obviously they were serious injuries and given his record it’s custody.

“He found his girlfriend in a state of undress and drunk, and that’s what’s given him rise for provocation and caused him to inflict these injuries.”

Recorder Andrew Campbell sentenced Ellis to two-and-a-half years in jail.