Van smoke sparks 999 alert on Hartlepool road during rush-hour

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A ROAD out of Hartlepool was closed temporarily during rush-hour after smoke began billowing from a van’s engine compartment.

A crew from Stranton Fire Station was sent to Stockton Road, near the Traveller’s Rest pub, in Hartlepool, to a report of a vehicle on fire.

But upon arrival, firefighters found that the situation was under control, and that oil burning off in the engine had caused it to smoke.

The van driver had pulled over and rang the police, who in turn contacted the fire service.

But fire chiefs say their help was not needed, as once the van had pulled over the smoke had stopped.

A Stranton Fire Station spokesman said: “The road was closed off when we got there.

“The police phoned us as becuase there was a lot of smoke they thought there might be something wrong.

“It was the oil burning off and as soon as the van pulled over, the smoke stopped.”

The incident happened around 4.30pm on Friday.