VIDEO: Surreal footage of Headland foam captured by reader

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RESIDENTS living in a historic area of Hartlepool continued to be battered by freak weather conditions.

People from the town’s Headland have been hit by a continuous spraying of sea foam while the rest of the country is dealing with snow and extra-cold temperatures.

Sea Foam on the Headland, by Christopher Ford.

Sea Foam on the Headland, by Christopher Ford.

Headland resident Christopher Ford sent us this great snap, and a video, of the foam which is covering homes and cars as it sprays off the sea.

His fellow Headlanders have also had to put up without any electricity.

Almost 100 homes were left without power due to a fault with an underground cable.

The electricity supply was cut off to houses in the area at 9.15am yesterday.

Power supply bosses at NEDL said the loss of electricity was due to an underground cable fault.

Engineers were hoping to have it restored by 4.45pm yesterday.

The hitch was the second loss of electricity to the same 99 residents, after a fuse blew in a sub-station at 7.05pm on Sunday night.

Workmen managed to correct the problem and restore power by 10.10pm.

An NEDL spokesman said: “The problem has affected 99 customers on the Headland.

“We would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to the customers that this affected.”