Volunteers join in for park spruce-up

Volunteers in Rossmere Park
Volunteers in Rossmere Park
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KEEN volunteers helped to spruce up a popular park during a recent National Lottery-funded event.

They spent three days raking the weed from the waters of the lake in Rossmere Park, Hartlepool.

All of the volunteers were working as part of the Wild Wednesdays initiative, an off-shoot of the three-year Wild Green Spaces in Hartlepool project which aims to involve local people in work to develop and improve the town’s parks and Local Nature Reserves (LNRs).

Becky Stanley, Wild Green Spaces in Hartlepool assistant project officer, said: “The volunteers worked really hard and there were piles and piles of blanket weed once they had finished.

“The weed grows at a prolific rate and is very thick and stringy. It overpowers and kills other plant life in the lake and it also prevents people from fishing as their lines become entangled.”

The weed has now been sent for composting and is expected to make particularly good plant food due to the nutrients it contains.

The Wild Wednesdays initiative encourages people to volunteer some of their spare time whenever they are free on a Wednesday. They don’t have to turn up every week and can do as much or as little work as they want.

For more information about the Wild Green Spaces in Hartlepool project, including the Wild Wednesdays initiative, contact Ms Stanley or project officer Jo Haskett on (01429) 853325 or 07795 453389. Alternatively, e-mail wildgreenspaces@hartlepool.gov.uk