‘We’ll treasure every moment we have left with our angel’

Becky Bell
Becky Bell

THE devastated parents of brave cancer sufferer Becky Bell have been told their adorable daughter could have only weeks to live.

A scan showed that the tumour in seven-year-old Becky’s brain has grown aggressively in the last two months and has even spread down the back of her neck.

Sadly the recent course of chemotherapy has not been successful and medics have told the heartbroken couple they can do no more to fight the tumour.

Becky’s brave parents Julie, 40, and Mark, 36, have told of the “absolutely devastating” moment they were told the tragic news.

Dad Mark, said: “I can’t describe how that felt. We tried to prepare ourselves, but it’s just devastating.”

Heartbroken Julie and Mark say they had no idea the cancer would prove so aggressive and have been completely shocked by how quickly the tumour has developed in the last few weeks.

They say Becky still believes she will survive and often talks about the things she wants to do when she gets better.

Julie said: “She has good days and bad days, we just want to treasure every moment we have left with our angel.”

Becky’s family were given huge hope just months ago when an initial course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy showed the tumour had shrunk by 80 per cent.

But due to the intensity of treatment, Becky could not be given any more radiotherapy and a second course of chemotherapy has not been successful.

Despite being aware that the most difficult part of treatment was still ahead, Julie and Mark admit the initial results showing the tumour had shrunk had given them renewed hope.

“We always knew from the very beginning that chances of Becky surviving were very low,” said Julie, also mum to Mark, 11, and Vicki, 23.

“It was absolutely fantastic to find out the tumour had shrunk that much after the first course of treatment.

“Even Becky’s doctor was surprised that it had shrunk so much at first.

“But we knew she wasn’t going to have any more radiotherapy and that could change things.

“I have known since Christmas that Becky wasn’t right.”

The couple, who continue to show phenomenal strength throughout the ordeal, spoke of their huge pride in their “little angel”.

Julie added: “Becky has been brave from the very start, we are so proud of the way she has been.”

Becky, a pupil at Rift House Primary School, in the town, is now back home under the care of her family and nurses who visit every day.

She is no longer receiving any treatment, but is on a course of steroids to keep pain to an absolute minimum.

Julie added: “She can still do quite a lot.

“She struggles when she’s on her feet, but yesterday she had a good day.

“We are just treasuring every moment with her.”

Julie and Mark heaped praise on Natalie Marshall and Keri Bland, the nurses who help to care for Becky on a daily basis, as well as Becky’s social worker, Karen Heal, of CLIC Sargent

“They have been fantastic,” said Julie.

“They have been a huge help for us and are so strong.

“What’s happening is devastating, but we are just trying to stay strong for Becky.”