Wear the best pals in Toon!

Sunderland fan Adam Brown and Newcastle United fan Thomas Hunt
Sunderland fan Adam Brown and Newcastle United fan Thomas Hunt

FRIENDSHIPS will be put aside when the region’s attention is glued to a football pitch for 90 minutes during the Wear-Tyne derby.

Two Easington mates will be among those shouting on their team during Sunday’s game at the Stadium of Light. But one will be wearing red and white and the other black and white.

Adam Brown and Thomas Hunt see eye to eye on most matters after going to the same school and being friends for most of their lives.

But that all changes during the big game when East Durham becomes a hot-bed of Sunderland and Newcastle fans cheering on rival teams in the area’s pubs and clubs.

Adam, 20, who lives in Easington Colliery, was a season-ticket holder at Sunderland for six years before work had to take over.

Adam, who works at Castle Eden Golf Club, said: “It is an amazing atmosphere in the build up to the derby games and I can’t wait.

“This game is being anticipated more because of both teams’ circumstances and it is going to be fantastic to watch.

“I have grown up with Thomas and we have always been the same. We appreciate if the other team is doing well.”

Thomas, 21, who lives in The Spinney, in Easington Village, and works at Easington Village News, is quietly confident of seeing his Magpies triumph.

He said: “Games like this mean a lot to everyone whether you like football or not and that is why the game is so great.”