Whisky a day keeps the doctor away

Violet Muers
Violet Muers
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SPRIGHTLY Violet Muers celebrates her 104th birthday today - and revealed a tipple of whisky in her cup of tea every morning has helped her reach the remarkable milestone.

The mum-of-six says she has had a good life, and enjoys every single day.

She was born in Hartlepool and has lived in the town all of her life and despite her age still lives in her home of the last 40 years.

Violet, a grandmother of 15 who has 46 great-grandchildren and another four great-great-grandchildren praised her family who visit her every day.

She says there is no secret to such a long and healthy life, but insists on her drop of whisky every morning.

Her living room cabinet is full to the brim of un-opened bottles as family and friends make sure she has enough to last the coming year.

“I always have my drop of whisky in my tea on a morning, every year people buy me a bottle and that lasts until my next birthday,” Violet told the Mail.

Violet was born in 1907 and spent her early years living in Hope Street, in the town.

She recalls a lot from her childhood but says the experience which sticks in her mind more than anything is the bombardment of Hartlepool during the First World War.

“I was about seven at the time I think,” she says.

“All I remember all day long is bang, bang, bang and parents running around pushing their prams panicking and screaming that they need to get away.

“We were living in Dundas Street at the time and one day a bomb was dropped two streets away.

“It smashed all of our windows, that was a frightening time.”

Violet was living at home at the time with her mum, Maria Gustvason. Her dad, Charles, sadly died during the First World War while serving in the Merchant Navy.

Violet met her husband, Harry, a rail worker, when she was 21 years old and spent most of her life with him until he sadly died back in 1981, aged 80.

She worked as a factory worker throughout her life and brought up her daughters, Lily Allen, 82, Mary Bishop, 76, Norma Bage, 72, Violet Jeffreys, 69, Eileen Wilkinson, 66, and Jean Brownlee, who died when she was just 47.

Violet was set to spend the day at home today and celebrate with family members.

She had a party to mark the occasion at Skyy Lounge, in Avenue Road, Hartlepool, on Sunday.

“That was a lovely day,” she said.

“Most of our family were there.

“We have always been a close family so it was lovely to spend the day with them.”