Who tamed Rogers’ rabbit?

The runaway rabbit
The runaway rabbit
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A RETIRED sweet shop owner has found a pet rabbit living in his garden.

Keith Rogers, 78, who once owned the town’s well-known Rogers sweet shop, says the brown, floppy-eared rabbit has been hopping around his garden and his neighbours’ gardens for almost a week.

And the dad of two and granddad of two decided to come to the Hartlepool Mail to appeal for its owners, who are maybe upset at its disappearance, to come forward.

Keith, who lives in Manor Garth Drive, in the West Park area of Hartlepool, said: “The rabbit has been wandering around the garden, and my neighbours’ gardens for the past six days now.

“It’s a lovely rabbit and it’s quite tame. It doesn’t run off when you walk close to it.

“That’s what makes me think it’s somebody’s pet.

“They’re probably upset that it’s missing so hopefully if they see this article in the Mail its real owners could come and collect it.”

This is not the first time an animal has set up home in Keith’s garden as a pair of wrens decided that the hollow centre of a pig-shaped hanging basket in Keith’s large garden was a good place to rear their chicks.

The keen gardener and photographer said the tiny birds used the pig’s snout as a way into their new home and were regularly seen flying in and out.