Wide load halted by litter bin

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A HUGE load passing through Hartlepool was brought to a halt – by a litter bin!

The huge, bright yellow, metal construction had travelled from Wilton Engineering Services, in Haverton Hill, and was destined for the port in Hartlepool, when it got stuck near to the arcades on The Front, at Seaton Carew.

The driver had to stop the eye-catching truck and trailer – which was 33ft-long and 21ft-wide – when he had trouble manoeuvring between a pedestrian island with plastic bollards and a black litter bin on the pavement.

The abnormal load was finally able to get moving again when it was carefully driven through the obstacles, despite brushing against the bin and cracking a curb stone.

Two police officers on motorbikes helped keep the traffic flowing during the incident at 10.30am on Sunday.

A police spokeswoman said: “There was an incident in Seaton Carew due to a wide-load not being able to get past the road-side furniture.

“We sent two officers on motorbikes there to help keep the traffic moving until the situation was resolved.”

A spokesman for Hartlepool Borough Council said it was warned of the load’s journey and had removed five black bollards, a small lamp column, and four illuminated bollards in advance.

But, he added: “As it moved along Seaton front, the load rubbed against a bin, but the bin did not have to be moved. One of the curb stones was cracked and it will be replaced shortly.”

He added: “This was one of the largest loads to come through Hartlepool in the last few years.

“It was moved on a Sunday morning to keep any disruption to a minimum. The move itself was escorted by the police and Highways Agency.

“It was travelling from an engineering firm in Haverton Hill to the Port in Hartlepool, moving along the sea front and Maritime Avenue.

“It passed along the sea front at 10.15am and arrived at the port around 11am.

“From the council’s point of view the move didn’t cause any major problems.”