Woman breached curfew

A WOMAN has been given a conditional discharge after admitting breaching her curfew five times in a week.

Claire Ross, 28, of Joicey Court, Hartlepool, was made subject to a month-long curfew from 6pm-6am.

She admitted not being at home between 6pm and 6.44pm on February 15, between 6pm and 6.07pm and between 6.11pm and 6.19pm, both on February 16, between 6pm and 6.14pm on February 18 and between 10.20pm and 10.44pm on February 21.

The order had been imposed at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court on February 8 for an offence of shop theft the day before.

The court heard Ross had been absent from her home address for a total of one hour 43 minutes when she was checked by officers.

Her solicitor, Neil Taylor, said reasons she had been late home included missing the bus and drug appointments.

Ross was given a six-month conditional discharge, to run alongside an existing drug rehabilitation order, with £30 costs.