Wonder drug saves Hartlepool man

Philip Hornsey and family
Philip Hornsey and family

A GRATEFUL dad has paid tribute to the outstanding hospital team whose wonder treatment saved his life.

Dad-of-two Philip Hornsey, 41, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma last November.

He was away at a cadet camp with his eldest son Ryan, 14, at the time when he collapsed and was rushed to a hospital in Hexham.

He said: “We were at a camp in Kielder and all I did was stand up. I started feeling a bit warm and then I collapsed.”

Philip, who works as an HGV driver in Peterlee, spent most of the next six months in hospital where doctors gave him the bleak news that he had a form of cancer which would need intensive treatment.

He was also told he might only have five years to live.

He admitted: “It was a scary time but all of the hospital staff were brilliant, especially the people at the University Hospital of North Tees where I was transferred to.”

After an endoscopy, biopsy and other tests Philip was placed on a two-drug treatment course which was being trialled at the time. Doctors told him there were no guarantees it would do him any good. “They didn’t dare give me the hope that it was going to work.”

But after receiving the double drug, Philip’s improvement was so dramatic he is now in remission.

Philip, of King Oswy Drive, is married to Race For Life runner Nicki Hornsey, 41 who works as a teaching assistant, and they also has a nine-year-old son Scott.

Nicki said: “It was devastating when he was told he had cancer and that’s why we want to do all we can for the cause.”

Nicki and fellow workers at Barnard Grove Primary School in Hartlepool all tackled the run together and reckoned they had raised about £500.