‘Wonderful’ Hartlepool hospice staff nominated for Best of Health awards

Hartlepool ansd District Hospice staff. outside the Hospice in Wells Avenue.
Hartlepool ansd District Hospice staff. outside the Hospice in Wells Avenue.

A CARING team of hospice staff has been praised for their “wonderful work.”

The staff at Hartlepool & District Hospice has been nominated for the team of the year category of the Best of Health awards.

The nomination came from a town resident who said: “Doctors, nurses and health care assistants all do wonderful work. That is why they deserve this award.”

The news was greeted warmly by the hospice’s chief executive Tracy Woodall who said: “We are really honoured to be nominated in the Team of the Year category of the Best of Health Awards and I believe this nomination is justified on many levels.

“Every day I come into work, I experience the complete commitment from all of my staff to go that extra mile for our patients. Anyone can do a job well but the hospice team do it exceptionally well and always take each patient as an individual and think what it is we can do to make this patient’s life and death better.

“I think they make people’s last wishes and dreams come true whenever they can and this has been demonstrated time and time again. I would happily put my life in their hands.”

The hospice joins a list of fantastic entrants in this year’s competition and we want more.

The following are the sectors in which we hope to find outstanding candidates:

l GP of the Year;

l GP Practice of the Year;

l Dentist of the Year;

l Nurse of the Year;

l Team of the Year;

l Optometrist of the Year;

l Pharmacist of the Year;

l Carer of the Year;

l Midwife of the Year;

l l Receptionist of the Year;

l Long Term Achievement;

l Health Care Apprentice/Student.

Judges are looking for evidence of nominated teams and individuals who consistently deliver quality and show an excellent attitude towards

patients in the Hartlepool area.

They want people who get on with their job but whose drive and commitment always shines through, and who goes the extra mile while always keeping in sight the wellbeing of those whose care they are involved in.

It is so easy to give praise to people who really deserve it.

To nominate before May 16, either fill in the form on this page, or visit the Hartlepool Mail website and follow the link on the home page.