Yellow lines warning to motorists

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drivers are being warned not to fall foul of new parking regulations on a busy shopping street.

Durham County Councillor Rob Crute, who represents Blackhall, wants to make motorists aware that double yellow lines in the village’s Middle Street are now enforceable and people parking on them could be fined up to £70.

Coun Crute appeared in the Mail in October 2008, warning of similar regulations after drivers had previously parked unchallenged on broken yellow lines which had then been given a lick of paint.

But the lines were not enforceable as they were not “ended off”, with markers where the lines came to an end.

The lines have been completed and Coun Crute is issuing a warning along with Lynda Wardle, clerk of Monk Hesleden Parish Council. Coun Crute said: “Three years ago when the lines were put back in they must have been put in with poor quality paint because they broke up straight away.

“Some lines were not ended-off and they weren’t enforceable.

“People must have realised it was a technicality and they are going to think they can continue to do so.

“Rather than them being fined, I want to make them aware of the changes and urge them to look for alternative parking.

“We don’t want people to get fined. We want people to come to Blackhall and use the shops.”

He said there is a possibility that a private company is taking over enforcement of fines from the police, who previously held responsibility.

Mrs Wardle said: “We need to make sure people are aware of other parking. If anyone has issues or concerns they need to contact Coun Crute or the parish council so we can look at a scheme for possible extra parking.

“We also need to make sure Blackhall continues to be a thriving shopping area.”

Coun Crute said drivers can park anywhere where there are no yellow lines, including from First to Eleventh Street and behind the pit wheel opposite the village’s resource centre.

Disabled drivers can also park on the double yellow lines as long as they display their blue badge.

Goods vehicles loading and offloading should follow restrictions marked on signs along the road.

Drivers can be fined £70 for parking on double yellow lines in the Durham County Council area, which can be halved if paid within 14 days.