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Welcome to Your 7-Day catch-up where we bring you a round-up of the top stories featured on your Hartlepool Mail website throughout the week.

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SUNDAY witnessed the first full day of married life for a couple who copied part of the bride’s parents’ wedding day.

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MONDAY saw Hartlepool United manager Neale Cooper vow to improve relations with the North-East’s big three clubs.

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TUESDAY heralded the arrival of thousands of bird watchers to admire a rare visit from an overseas species.

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WEDNESDAY brought an invasion of scarecrows for a competition between rival villages.

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THURSDAY saw footballer Titus Bramble speak of his relief after he was cleared of sex pest allegations.

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FRIDAY brought the revelation from former Pools star Adam Boyd about how he nearly died while on the treatment table.

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SATURDAY saw a platinum-selling rapper back plans for a skate park in Hartlepool.

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