Your chance to have a say on town’s future

Stuart Drummond
Stuart Drummond

RESIDENTS can put Hartlepool mayor Stuart Drummond on the spot when he hosts a town public meeting.

Mayor Drummond will look back at Hartlepool Borough Council’s top issues of the last year and set out its priorities for the future at the State of the Borough Debate.

The event will be held at Hartlepool Sixth Form College, Blakelock Road, on Wednesday, January 25.

Mayor Drummond said he expects there to be plenty to talk about given the financial pressures on the council over the last year.

And he hopes the choice of venue will help attract more young people get involved in the lively debate.

He said: “Although I write a column in the Mail every week it gives me the chance first-hand to tell people what’s going on and answer questions directly.

“I’m delighted that the Sixth Form College has agreed to host it and I hope many students will be there as well.

“I’m really keen to hear what they have got to say.

“There is plenty going on and I guess the difficult financial situation will dominate it and how we intend to tackle that and what we have been doing.”

At the last State of the Borough Debate last November, Mayor Drummond’s presentation featured a look back at the Tall Ships Races, spending cuts and council performance.

He fielded questions from the audience on a range of issues including the former Odeon cinema in York Road, transport, the University Hospital of Hartlepool, Tall Ships Races and the future of Neighbourhood Consultative Forums.

The debate at the college will start at 12pm. Audience members do not need to submit their question in advance.

It is part of the council’s constitution that its elected mayor holds the debate.