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Letter of the week: Drivers are to blame for crashes on the A19 - not the road

The Hartlepool Mail’s campaign to improve the A19 is effort in the wrong direction.

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Letters of the week: Here's a little of what Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has done since his election

Letters of the week: Here's a little of what Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has done since his election

The Letter of the week featured on 26th August begins by revisiting some of Mike Hill's election pledges such as improvement to local services and employment, both of which he is already striving to achieve.

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The launch of the new 90,000 hi-tech bins. Our writer believes the money could have been better spent.

Letter of the week: Hartlepool Borough Council's £90,000 bins are a wasted opportunity

On August 17 I got a letter from Thirteen group confirming that Hartlepool Borough Council had reviewed the Homecall service and would no longer be subsiding it.
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Our writer has a question looming for Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, above.

Letter of the week: What has new Hartlepool MP Mike Hill achieved so far?

On June 8, a general election was held, and the people of Hartlepool democratically elected Mike Hill (pictured) to represent them in the House of Commons.

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Our writer feels our Brexit divorce may benefit from a transitional period.

Letter of the week: Brexit is a 'pointless and self-destructive course of action'

I for one will certainly not be signing the petition reader FE Sharpe’s recommends against a transitional period in implementing so-called Brexit.

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Seagulls on the roof of a house in the Clavering area of Hartlepool.

Letter of the week: Time something was done about seagulls in Hartlepool

I disagree with comments by Tom Bradbury about seagulls. He has obviously not been on the receiving end of a gull attack.

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A piper leads the cortege for tragic Bradley Lowery's funeral earlier this month.

Letter of the week: Tribute to brave Bradley Lowery

A poetic tribute to brave Blackhall youngster Bradley Lowery from one of our readers.
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Bradley Lowery with friend Jermain Defoe before Sunderland's match at Everton in February.

Letter of the week: Bradley Lowery is a little fella who will live long in our memories

Had the pleasure of seeing Bradley Lowery and his family when Sunderland visited Goodison Park to play our beloved Everton.

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Police at the junction of Middleton Road and Marina Way during a previous incident. Our writer suggests cameras are needed to reduce speeding motorists on this road.

Letter of the week: Speed limit on major Hartlepool road seems to veer from 30mph to 100mph

What is the speed limit on the A179 (Marina Way) to the Middleton Road junction?

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How we reported the rise opposed by our letter writer.

Letter of the week: Thirty-one per cent allowance rise Hartlepool councillors are like pigs at the trough

So once again the pigs are lining up at the trough in order to stick their snouts in and suck up as much taxpayers’ money as they can (Mail, June 20).

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Our writer, no stranger to political criticism himself, feels a proposed 31 per cent rise for councillors at Hartlepool Civic Centre would be inappropriate.

Letter of the week: Thirty-one per cent rise in Hartlepool councillors' allowances would be 'inappropriate'

I was both shocked and disappointed to learn that Hartlepool Borough Council is considering raising councillor allowances by 31%

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Left, Bilal Atkinson, who is the regional president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK, which runs the Nasir Mosque, at a meeting of religious leaders.

Letter of the week: I left Hartlepool's Nasir Mosque a better and more enlightened person

Having read (Mail, June 13) how a visit for schoolchildren to Hartlepool’s Nasir Mosque in Brougham Terrace was cancelled, due to recent terrorist events in London and Manchester, I wish to make comment about my own visit there on April 28.

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Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall, who visited Hartlepool as part of his campaign.

Letter of the week: 'Ukip is relevant and necessary for a healthy democracy'

By now the results will be in on the 2017 general election.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool.

Letter of the week: Prices appear to be attracting few people to Hartlepool's Royal Navy Museum

My family and I were shocked to see the price increases at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Hartlepool.

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Our writer fears the University Hospital of Hartlepool will eventually be replaced by housing.

Letter of the week: How long before the University Hospital of Hartlepool is replaced by housing?

Regarding the tactics to build houses on the University Hospital of Hartlepool site (Mail, April 18).

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Will this vision of Church Street ever become reality?

Letter of the week: Will scheme to improve Hartlepool's Church Street be money well spent?

Church Street is to receive its due and be returned to its Edwardian glory (fingers crossed).

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Our reader wants us to remember two things about Ben Houchen's triumph as the new Tees Valley Mayor.

Letter of the week: Let's not forget two things about the new Tees Valley mayor's victory

Ben Houchen, the Tory candidate, managed an extraordinary victory on May 4, winning the Tees Valley mayoral election.

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The Commonwealth flag rises either side of Hartlepool Borough Council flags. Our letter writer is advocating a different combination of flags outside the main council buildings.

Letter of the week: Why not fly the flags for both sides of Hartlepool?

Each Monday morning several members of the RASC/RCT Association meet up in a local hostelry for breakfast.

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Tom Binns's character DJ Ivan Brackenbury gives the thumbs up in Hospital People. Our writer, however, gives the series the thumbs down for a number of reasons.

Letter of the week: Filming comedy series at University Hospital of Hartlepool is an insult to town

What an insult to the people and patients of Hartlepool

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Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap election.

Letter of the week: General Election writing was on the wall

The announcement from the Prime Minister on April 18 of a snap General Election in June confirms what I have been writing and talking about for some time.

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