Accept change

REGARDING Keith Fisher’s letter complaining about Jim Allan (Mail, October 24), I’m going to stick my neck out and be unpopular.

When the petitioning first started I voted believing we could save the University Hospital of Hartlepool intact.

Since then both Governments have refused to step in, the medical and clinical directors have issued their reasons for agreeing with the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, one of which is that doctors are becoming more specialised.

They no longer work the long hours they used to and because of limited resources, services are being brought together under one roof.

This seems logical to me and I’d rather we had a hospital nearby than no hospital at all.

We are an ageing population, with the health problems that go with it.

We are lucky we have a health service.

We have caring doctors and nurses but we can no longer have all the small hospitals we used to have.

The Isolation hospital, Grantully, St Hilda’s, Cameron Hospital and the General, aka the workhouse, gradually we’ve had to let them all go.

This is progress. Now they want them all amalgamated into one large specialised unit.

Will it be impersonal? Probably but that happened in all the other hospitals till we got used to them.

Change is hard, especially for those of us who are older, but it’s going to happen no matter how much people protest so I would rather it be as near to Hartlepool as possible.

I would like to mention we didn’t have much in the 1950s yet somehow my parents managed to go to Sunderland, Newcastle and monthly visits to Middlesbrough Hospital.

How I wished as a child then that I could be catered for near at hand.

O Ward,

Spalding Road,