An ineffective plan

SURELY the time has come for the Government to review its intention to allow 32,000 wind turbines to be built, as they put it, to “tackle climate change and provide supplies of electricity which are under British control instead of relying heavily on imported natural gas”.

A recent scientific study has confirmed that wind energy has to be backed up by electricity from gas-fired power stations because the electricity output from the wind turbines varies as wind speeds change.

And a very detailed study of data from the National Grid has proved that frequent firing up of the gas turbines in the power stations results in them producing even more CO2 than they would if they were instead providing a steady supply of power to the grid with the wind farms switched off.

The explanation is that a lot of electricity has to be used to power up the gas turbines time and time again to compensate for the unpredictable and frequent variations in the wind speeds.

The study sums up the situation as follows.

“Wind farms do not achieve their sustainability objectives because more gas has to be burned. So Britain’s environmental footprint is being made worse.”

When will the Government review their hugely expensive, ill thought out and ineffective plan to ‘save the planet’?

After all, Britain only produces two per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Jim Allan,