Cat had to eat plastic bags

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When I received a thank you letter from the Cat Orphanage, for the last lot of food donated, I was told about one little cat they had just taken in.

It was starving and had been passing plastic bags through her system.

She was also feeding four nine-week-old kittens.

I do not know if this little cat had, at one time, been someone’s pet and had strayed or had been abandoned.

However, it is heart-breaking to think that any creature had to eat plastic bags due to hunger.

Situations like this can be avoided if everyone who has no intention of breeding would have their animals spayed.

Male cats sadly can develop the most horrendous diseases when they are not neutered and this obviously passes on.

There is financial assistance under certain circumstances for those who qualify to have their animals neutered/spayed.

It is worth contacting the animal charities to make inquiries.

Their details are: Cat Protection League, telephone number (01642) 589090 ; Cat Orphanage, telephone number (01642) 899396; or RSPCA, telephone number (0191) 388 9230.

I am assured by the above charities that the cat situation is now of epidemic proportions so restricted breeding must take place.

Kath Threlfall,