Disillusioned staff look for other jobs

THERE has been a lot said about the eventual closure of the University Hospital of Hartlepool and about the A&E department being “unfit for purpose”.

As a ward sister for many years in a hospital in the Midlands (where I lived at the time) what is happening here was the same as happened there.

At the slightest hint of a closure of the hospital staff become disillusioned and start looking for other jobs.

Good staff become difficult to recruit in all posts, both medical and nursing, and this leads to wards and A&E departments becoming “unfit for purpose” due to a lack of forward-thinking staff.

They look elsewhere for the best jobs and leave.

Nothing is updated, services are transferred, people start having to travel for their appointments. Sound familiar?

In my view Hartlepool Borough Council has allowed this to happen.

Your hospital is on the way to closing, your families may well be at risk. Nothing will ever replace it, even a new hospital if it is not in Hartlepool.

Has the council got this on their collective conscience? If not they should have.

This legacy will last forever.

Jeanne Beasley,

Lithgo Close,

Seaton Carew.