Draw your own conclusions

IS British politics wallowing in troubled waters, as indicated when a chap bumped into Gloria de Piero and asked her for her autograph?

Gloria informed him she was no longer a GMTV reporter and, to her amazement, he walked away in disgust at her new choice of employment.

Gloria, who is now a Labour shadow minister for crime, took it upon herself to investigate the popularity of politicians.

Her findings did not indicate which of the following words were attributed to which politician.

Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and the Labour leader, Mr Miliband, were labelled arrogant something or others, weak wet lettuces, ineffective, celibate and 

On the other hand the majority of the general public appear to find politicians in general distrustful, arrogant and petty.

They are coterie of point-scoring peripheral collection, interested only in the advancement of their individual parties, which diverts the welfare of the people they were elected to serve and the interests of our country.

Finally, a word on the Prime Minister’s indication on a referendum after the next general election.

His timing on a referendum is tantamount to political blackmail to incite the public’s vote.

Furthermore, he gives no date as to when a referendum would be held.

Yet his statement did give the public an idea that it is not his will to leave the EU by saying he, not the voters, thinks it is not in Britain’s interest to leave the EU.

Draw your own conclusions from that.

Does the coalition’s doctrine and the interests of British society lead to a third catechism, namely a servile state?

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,


ON behalf of the Royal Jubilee Lodge (RAOB) I would like to thank all who attended our race