Fearing the Honours list

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Napoleon always used to ask before promoting or appointing his generals: “Ah yes, but is he lucky?”

David Cameron was lucky to become PM.

But he was outclassed by Jeremy Corbyn last Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Cameron plainly hadn’t even bothered to rehearse basic answers to entirely foreseeable questions about subjects such as the cuts in working families tax credit.

The greatest power at the PM’s disposal is, of course, the honours system.

A peerage is the greatest honour.

Cameron can’t even get that right at the moment. He has been told repeatedly how useless they are by Conservative Baroness Trumpington.

One LibDem conference star, Alex Wilcock, once described the elevation of such people wittily as “beyond parody”.

Cameron attracts criticism of this practice from within the LibDem party.

Who knows what horrors lurk in the New Year’s honours list.

Nigel Boddy,

Fife Road,