LETTER: Disputing turbine figures

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HARTLEPOOL Borough Council planning committee will soon be asked to approve the construction of three giant wind turbines in the town.

The developers, The Energy Workshop, said that these turbines “could” supply almost one third of the electricity needs of Hartlepool, and that carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by around 23,000 tonnes per year.

The use of the word “could” is significant.

The fact is that the turbines would only produce that much electricity for a few days every year.

On average, over a year, they would produce around a quarter of their rated maximum electricity output.

That means they would only be generating enough electricity to meet, at most, one 12th of Hartlepool’s electricity needs over a year.

Not one third.

The reduction in carbon dioxide emitted from power stations is alleged to be necessary to slow down global warming.

However, scientists have recently reported that there has been no increase in the global average temperature for the last 18 years, even though coal, oil and gas have been burned in greater quantities than ever before.

Finally, there is a lot of debate and argument among scientists about the way global temperatures have been measured over the years.

Measurements taken on the earth’s surface are inaccurate.

Many of the measurement facilities were located originally in open countryside but they have now, in many cases, been surrounded by centrally heated houses and cars, all of which emit warm exhaust gases which increase the temperatures recorded by the measurement stations.

That is called “the heat island effect”.

And there are hardly any measurement stations in the southern hemisphere compared with the northern hemisphere.

Satellites now measure the above-ground temperatures very accurately and show that the warming, whatever is causing it, is less than has been assumed in the past.

Our politicians in Westminster have decided that man-made carbon dioxide emissions simply must be reduced to tackle global warming, even though huge quantities of carbon dioxide are produced by volcanic eruptions, forest fires and from the soil.

They say, wrongly, that “the science of global warming is settled” even though many eminent climate scientists disagree.

And our electricity prices are relentlessly driven up to pay for the costly, unreliable, largely ineffective and landscape-desecrating wind turbines that they are forcing us to accept.

Jim Allan,