LETTER: Give us time to prevent child exploitation

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THE Government is now saying that, if there is a failure to protect children, those involved in work with children could face five years in prison.

As an ex-social worker with children and families in Hartlepool this angers me.

I agree that, as a society, we should be doing everything within our powers to stop child exploitation.

However, what I would say to this Government is give social workers more time to work out in the field, instead of having to spend hours in the office doing repetitive paperwork.

The consensus of the hierarchy is that you need pieces of paper or should I say documents on the computer network to prove that you have done what is expected of you.

All social workers know that the time spent in the office is preventing them from being out there visiting children and families, and making inroads into stopping child exploitation.

However, yet again the Government is looking to see who can be taken to account for a failure to protect.

What I would say to this Government is give us the time to get out there and prevent child exploitation.

Joan Spence,

Seaton Carew.