LETTER: Thank you for your support

Hartlepool's Middleton Grange shopping centre
Hartlepool's Middleton Grange shopping centre

ON November 27 and 28, shoppers in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre joined in with the young schoolchildren of Hartlepool as their beautiful young voices rang out throughout the centre.

School pupils and staff from 12 schools donated their spare time rehearsing, organising and transporting in order to let the children help raise money for those so much less fortunate than themselves.

Barnard Grove, Golden Flatts, Greatham, Kingsley, Springwell, Stranton, St Bega’s, St John Vianney, St Peter’s Elwick and Hart, Ward Jackson, West Park and West View.

Hartlepool voluntary fundraisers for the NSPCC wish to say a big thank you to the pupils, staff, parents, grandparents and shoppers who gave so generously.

All money raised in this area will be spent in this area to help the Local Child Protection Team.

Services provided include Childline, support for children at risk, help for families with children facing serious difficulties in their relationships and, of crucial importance, is the work helping children and their families overcome their ordeals following mental, physical and sexual abuse.

Thank you again schools, staff, parents and shoppers for your wonderful support.

J L Patterson,


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