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WE are writing to express appreciation for the services available when someone is ill or in need of support in the home.

We did not know the rapid response team existed.

We found that, although it took a little time, the 111 service worked.

We appreciated the services of the doctors, and had the advantage of the medical consultant’s opinion at the emergency assessment unit at the University Hospital of North Tees.

The ward was very busy but the nurses were coping.

It was adequate for an overnight stay, which is what the facility is designed for.

The discharge instructions were clear and concise.

The service we received from the community physiotherapists was outstanding.

They arranged for some aids to help in the home and came for a follow-up.

This was all free, and everyone concerned was kind and helpful.

We were amazed and very pleased.

There is so much negative publicity that the old and frail worry about the services available.

They do not need to on this showing.

Anne and Brian Guttridge,

Claremont Drive,