Poor example of democracy

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The Boundary Commission for England’s review of parliamentary constituencies highlights the poor state of our democracy and governance.

Sadly this subject does not energise most people.

It is time it did, because we are now a poor example of what a democratic country should be.

Our “first past the post” voting system fails to deliver a truly representative House of Commons.

An unelected second chamber, the House of Lords, should have no place in modern Britain.

Devolution to Wales and Scotland has been piece-meal and left England excluded.

It has caused justifiable resentment.

Regional devolution has been mishandled, a fact well demonstrated by the current situation in the North East Combined Authority and the so-called Northern Powerhouse debacle.

Parts of the UK have enfranchised 16- and 17-year-olds for some elections but not others.

In other parts they are completely disenfranchised, as demonstrated by the EU referendum.

We need a full constitutional convention to address our democratic failings before any final BCE proposals are implemented.

Whatever constituencies finally emerge, they should demonstrate a better understanding of local communities than those published this week.

Ian G L Jones,


Middlesbrough & East Cleveland Liberal Democrats,

Oxford Road,