Reason for obesity is deep

I WAS surprised at the level of obesity in our primary schools as I haven’t noticed the problem.

However in our secondary school it is a different matter and not just the child’s fault.

As for progress and the search for opening up businesses, we are inundated with fast food outlets.

They are fulfilling a need in the market as more wives and mothers are having to go out to work to help with family finances.

There is pressure on these families as they are having to pay for child care and also if they have more than one child at school it’s £15 a week per child for school meals.

If they go to a fast food outlet it’s £5 per week and everyone knows the school meals are more nutritous but unfortunately till the government treat all children the same by either providing free meals for all children or reduce the cost of school meals so they are the same price as fastfood outlets our children are going to suffer not only from obesity but nutritional problems which could cost the country more in the long run.

Labour was in the process of trying this but unfortunately not in Hartlepool.

Another anomaly is believing that children in more affluent areas of town won’t suffer from poverty. If a parent is out of work or on short time their children will suffer no matter where they live.

The pressure on parents to work means there is not always quality time to share out among children as time is given to maintain education, household chores to be done and many parents are exhausted and look forward to holidays for a rest.

My mother was unable to breast feed any of her six children and we didn’t suffer from obesity,

I fed all three of mine and it made not a bit of difference.

I agree on the need for education of obesity but think educators need to look deeper into the reason.

O Ward,

Spalding Road,