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OVER the last few weeks a number of residents have contacted Fens and Greatham ward Hartlepool Borough Councillors regarding anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues.

These issues have now been forwarded to the south area Neighbourhood Police, who are based in Jutland Road, and are being dealt with.

Now that the nights are getting longer I’ve no doubt that ASB in our area will increase.

At a meeting held this week Fens and Greatham councillors spoke to Neighbourhood Policing about ASB across our wards and how best to tackle it.

In the past much of the ASB has gone unreported and by the time we hear about it it’s too late to do anything.

The advice from Neighbourhood Police is to report ASB as soon as possible by ringing (01642) 326326.

Although this is a Middlesbrough number you should be able to speak to an officer who deals with the Hartlepool area.

On November 4 Councillors Alison and Geoff Lilley and myself will be holding a surgery at the Fens shops between 1pm and 2pm.

Also there on the day will be an officer from Neighbourhood Policing and the south area Neighbourhood Co-ordinator.

If any residents have issues regarding ASB or any other concerns we’ll be happy to see you.

Remember, only by working together will we make the Fens a safer place to live.

Councillor Steve Gibbon,

Honiton Way,