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In spite of an increase in volume of traffic by 2.3 per cent, it is good to see that the number of casualties has fallen by seven per cent.

However, fatal accidents on non-built-up roads has increased by seven per cent.

Highways England has published a vision for zero deaths on trunk roads.

We believe this commitment should be adopted by the Government.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has stated a desire to encourage lifelong learning in driver and rider training.

We firmly believe that, with the right framework in place which recognises the issues faced by road users of different ages, this approach will form a vital part of ensuring that fewer lives are needlessly lost on UK roads.

Key findings show that a total of 22,830 people were killed or seriously injured in the year ending June, 2015, down by seven per cent from the previous year.

There were 180,500 casualties of all severities in the same period, down by seven per cent from the previous year.

Motor traffic levels rose by 2.3 per cent compared with the year ending June 2014.

Children killed or seriously injured, decreased by eight per cent to 530 in the second quarter of 2015.

Neil Greig,

Institute of Advanced Motorists,

Chiswick High Road,