Shake it up

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By all accounts we have eight cabinet ministers and 1,000 business tycoons ready to campaign to leave the EU.

Plus some of the biggest donors in the country, who have signed up and amassed a £7,000 war chest to date to support the planned 2017 referendum. But why wait?

This action should involve all of our true British subjects.

Why should a gathering dictate the future of the British people against their wishes?

Cameron has made it quite clear that he has no intention of leaving the EU.

In my view, he prefers to pussy-foot around, making feeble attempts to sway the Brussels Assembly to amend or adjust certain laws imposed by the EU.

All of which have been bluntly refused.

His misguided and expensive tour of the smaller affiliated countries, pleading for their support (most of which was negative) was a complete waste of time.

Particularly at a crucial period when needed at Calais.

Let’s face it, Cameron is a good orator. He looks the part. He can put it over and debate with conviction.

But I feel he is lacking the very substance that makes a great leader.

He and his cabinet lack decisive action and belong to the “too little, too late” brigade, wise after the event.

They are, in my opinion, too eager to appease interlopers, religious extremists and the like, instead of showing concern for the British subjects who put them into power. It’s time for a massive shake-up.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,