So dignified in defeat

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I do not claim to have much knowledge of the finer points of scoring in boxing.

Furthermore, I have to admit that I am a little biased.

However I thought that the comments by Charlie Talbot-Smith (Mail, August 18), concerning the performance by Savannah Marshall in her Olympic middleweight contest, were outrageous.

His suggestion that “she was soundly beaten” was quite absurd.

In a closely fought contest, I actually thought that she just about clinched it, adopting as she did a more positive approach, and landing a significant number of really telling blows.

I tended to agree with the TV commentator, that if the fight had gone into a fifth round she could possibly have stopped her opponent.

What was very pleasing was the dignified way in which Savannah accepted the verdict, when she must have known that she had been so very close to achieving her objective of an Olympic Medal.

Well done Savannah!

David Relton,

The Grove,