That’s his business

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I HAVE always admired Nick Robinson, political commentator, for his investigative study concerning Parliamentary matters and all things political, his easy interviewing technique and politeness.

Not so with his rather aggressive interview with Nigel Farage, when he pointedly asked him if he would be happy if a family of Romanians moved in next door.

Farage was rather evasive naturally, not giving a straight answer.

But Robinson kept on and on haranguing him to the point of embarrassment.

If the same question was given to any British citizen a large percentage would answer ‘that’s my business’, not being willing or bullied to be put on the spot on public television.

I wish Farage had said to Robinson ‘now come on Nick, you have had your five minutes of glory. Would you be happy if a family of foreigners, any nationality, with a family of kids, probably on benefits, moved next door to you?’

And then watch the interrogator splutter for an answer.

Fair is fair.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,