Think hard before cash is wasted

AS a resident representative, I will always challenge waste or lack of information.

It seems we start 2011 with some huge unanswered questions and I think it is time for an honest and transparent debate on the fantastic but isolated and under-used travel interchange facility.

I have been looking at resources becoming scarce and wonder why, with a business transformation plan in place, Hartlepool Borough Council seems to be wasting so much money on such things.

The bus interchange for example is very attractive but businesses such as Stagecoach do not want to use it.

Was this not considered at the time?

I sometimes wonder if one of the reasons the money was spent was because it was from another pot: not ours.

The people praising this interchange are still trying to cover up how empty this is, when it should be a hive of activity.

I would hope that the council starts to think hard about money wasted in this town as opinion on the street is that the council has been ridiculous in building this and especially during the recession.

Maybe they could save some money just looking at why this was built, what it is now and does it actually bring positive change to Hartlepool?

Further can we not look at other uses? If it continues to stand empty it will deteriorate to nothing.

Maybe youths can utilise it as we are also saying that there is little around for youths and this might be a possibility of getting something from this £4m rather than false hopes for regeneration and accessibility.

There definitely needs to be a knitting up of the council and travel providers before we can look at the interchange making positive change for Hartlepool.

Christine Blakey,

Silverbirch Road,