Vehicle will pay for itself

SO Hartlepool Borough Council has made a £40,000 investment in a mobile spy camera (Mail, June 13). Oops, safety car.

And of course the Mail is pleased as it always seems to be with anything the council does.

Already the vehicle has “raked in” (the Mail’s words) thousands of pounds in fines although some will be challenged.

Being a sceptic I foresee this vehicle’s use spreading from the school gates to streets around the town in order to raise as much revenue as possible, just as the speed (oops again!) safety cameras do.

Within weeks this vehicle will have paid for itself and within months, I believe, it will have raised enough money in fines to clear the huge debt of £740,000 left by the tall ships event.

Well the Mayor did say that council taxpayers would not be expected to pay for the huge loss and I did say in a previous letter that we would all pay “one way or another”.

Well this seems to be “another”.

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,


l LETTERS EDITOR’S NOTE: The Mail is not automatically pleased with everything Hartlepool Borough Council does.

On this occasion, however, we believe the car will be money well spent if it improves road safety for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Early indications suggest there is already a downward trend in the number of parking offences during the school run.

Long may it continue.