Gary Liddle feared he had fractured cheekbone for second time


GARY Liddle feared he had smashed his cheekbone for the second time this season at Notts County last weekend, writes CRAIG HOPE.

A sickening television freeze frame of the midfielder’s face coming into full contact with the studded undersole of Neal Bishop’s boot soon did the rounds on social networking sites after the game.

The clash left Liddle prostrate on the turf, clutching the same cheekbone he’d shattered back in August.

Thankfully, for Pools and the 25-year-old, the damage was superficial and the player escaped serious injury.

Liddle will be sporting a few cuts and bruises when he takes to the field against Wycombe Wanderers tomorrow, but the Middlesbrough-born star, who was forced to wear a protective face mask last month, admits he’s used to that by now.

“There was a picture going round which I saw after the game and it looked nasty,” he said in reference to the second-half challenge during the 3-0 defeat at Meadow Lane.

“It was just a header which I’d tried to win, and I did, but at the same time (Neal) Bishop had gone to clear up the field and caught me full on in the face.

“The picture doesn’t look good because it looks as if he’s two-footed me in the face but it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

“I did fear for my cheekbone and when I was on the floor I had a bit of a feel.

“Thankfully, though, it was okay and all I’ve got are a few cuts and bruises.”

He added: “People said after fracturing my cheekbone earlier in the season that I maybe should start pulling out of some things, but these grazes tell another story.

“It’s part of my game and if it’s there to be challenged for I’m going for it – I’m used to the consequences by now.

“It’s difficult in that it’s always me who seems to be hit – I’m hoping one of the lads takes one for me shortly!”

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