Hartlepool United like Geoff Capes after pre-season training

Sam Collins in pre-season training. Picture by FRANK REID
Sam Collins in pre-season training. Picture by FRANK REID

SAM Collins admits that he wasn’t sure if he’d reported back to a football club or a military boot camp given the club’s new pre-season training methods.

The Pools general and his comrades have been tossing tyres and heaving weighted ropes in an effort to make sure they won’t be out-muscled by their League One rivals next season.

So much so, Collins believes that a few of the squad might have been able to out-power former World Strongest Man Geoff Capes such was the intensity of their workout.

The 33-year-old admits that, even in his 18th summer schedule, training techniques are evolving year on year, and the skipper says he’s always open-minded as to such advancements.

“Pre-season is tough, it always is, but you have to get through that,” he told SportMail today.

“It’s been a hard re-introduction but they haven’t been flogging us all of the time, because you have to look after players as well.

“Gone are the days of just running for two weeks and the science side of things has come on so much.

“But we’ve also been flipping tyres and pulling ropes with huge weights on them and I think the lads enjoyed it to be honest.

“It’s not something which I’ve done before but it’s good for the power side of things.

“The new fitness coach is keen on that side of things and I’m always willing to embrace new ideas.

“It was hard work and I think if Geoff Capes was still around then we would be giving him a run for his money!”.

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