Hartlepool Utd’s ‘pledge’ the secret behind Rochdale win

Hartlepool United manager Mick Wadsworth
Hartlepool United manager Mick Wadsworth

MICK Wadsworth today revealed that a “pledge” between his players was the secret behind Saturday’s 3-1 win at Rochdale.

As the squad gathered at Maiden Castle last Monday morning to sift through the wreckage of last weekend’s two-goal throwaway at Stevenage, they hit upon a pact.

Wadsworth, right, explained: “We made some pledges earlier this week and said ‘that will not happen again’.

“When you’re 2-1 up you’re perhaps thinking it could happen again – of course you do.

“But I saw a resolve in the players and we’ve talked a lot this week about what happened last weekend.

“We don’t leave any stone unturned. We put our cards on the table and challenge the players.

“We’ve got some strong characters in there and they let things be known when they’re not right.

“So to see that performance and get that response was incredibly pleasing.

“They responded excellently and once we went ahead we looked strong – a few scary moments, but you’re going to get that away from home.”

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