Hartlepool Utd star’s fear over live TV date with Notts County

Antony Sweeney
Antony Sweeney

ANTONY Sweeney admits that the ‘fear factor’ creeps in when the live television cameras are rolling.

And that’s not a foreboding of a glaring miss being poured over by the studio analysts.

Rather, it’s the stick he’ll get from his friends and family back in Hartlepool who have tuned in for the once-a-season rarity that is a Pools match being beamed out live on SkySports.

“At our level it is a bit different knowing it’s on telly because it happens once or twice every couple of years,” Sweeney told SportMail ahead of Sunday’s televised trip to Notts County.

“The big difference is knowing your mates are watching really.

“You’re mistakes are maybe highlighted a little bit more and you get more text messages after the game.

“But on the other side of the coin it’s an opportunity to play on TV and show what you can do, and you don’t get that too often.

“So from that point of view it’s something to look forward to enjoy, but if I miss a sitter there’ll be enough people watching to remind me about it.”

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