Onside: Can Yogi bear life at Pools?

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ONE thing you learn quickly as a Pools fan is that life is never straight forward and this week was a prime example.

On Monday night it seemed certain Phil Brown (and his tan) would be riding through the managerial door on his white horse to drag us to safety.

Yet by Tuesday teatime, there had been a complete 180 and John ‘Yogi’ Hughes was the new man at the helm, with the backroom staff remaining in their posts.

To say there was a mixed reaction initially from fans would be an understatement.

Some Poolies were devastated the deal for Brown and his own coaching team had fallen through at the eleventh hour.

But others were not fully convinced he was the right man to start with and welcomed Hughes with open arms.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, Hughes is the man tasked with saving this most torrid of seasons.

And what a first impression he has made.

Hughes talks a cracking game, exudes passion and confidence and if ever you wanted somebody alongside you in the trenches it appears, on first glance, to be him.

Time will tell and results are all that matter at this stage, but the players can’t fail to be inspired by his vision for the club, a vision focusing on attractive, flowing football.

He is an experienced manager north of the border, with a good contacts book and the tools to motivate a squad devoid of any confidence.

One positive about the likes of Micky Barron still being involved is that they can help familiarise Hughes with this division and the players.

If Hughes does manage to keep us up, considering our current position, it will almost be as big an achievement as reaching the play-Off final in Cardiff.

He clearly likes a challenge, and there is no better club than Pools for a manager who likes a challenge; nine points adrift and sinking like a stone towards League Two.

But the good news is we are already out of all three cups, (ahem) so the new manager can focus all his attention on the relegation battle.

Good luck ‘Yogi’ for the challenge ahead, you are going to need it.

The final word has to go to those Pools fans, all 56 of them, that travelled to Yeovil last weekend.

To make a 12-hour round trip to watch a side which has won just once all season is a cracking effort.

If only the players had shown the same commitment and determination on the pitch this season.