TERRACE TWEETS: Pools 1 Bournemouth 2

Bournemouth score their 1st goal. Picture by FRANK REID
Bournemouth score their 1st goal. Picture by FRANK REID
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HERE are a selection of your views following Tuesday’s 2-1 defeat at home to Bournemouth.

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Liam Reid ‏@ltreidy67

Once again the self destruct button was pressed when getting a foot hold in the game. Same old, same old.

Will Pare ‏@WillPare

Disappointingly poor for 75mins. We are missing someone who can tackle and control the midfield (Murray/Liddle).

Mark Carroll ‏@MARKCARROLL3

Another home game, another penalty given away. Playing well for 20 mins in a game isn’t good enough, no positives tonight.

neil pearson ‏@hpoolneil

Terrible performance, no tactics, no urgency and no fight. Also I want to know what IOR are doing to my club #putuporshipout

Jeff Hewitson ‏@Jeff_uey

Played off the park first half, finally get back in the match and shoot ourselves in the foot with a penalty...AGAIN!!

Mike Waggott ‏@mikewaggott

Maybe Pools should offer to cancel everyone’s contract and see who has the guts to accept. #rubbish

robbo ‏@robbo1975

Pools will have more movement up front with Howard out. Murray in midfield WOULD improve it. #toolatenow

Steven Liddell ‏@slidds

6 pens given away in last 6 home games! #shocking

Mark Carroll ‏@MARKCARROLL3

Paul Murray was a winner and gave 100% and the fans appreciated that. Few others I would have liked to have seen go before him.

Lord Smythe ‏@LordSmythe

Murray was a model pro who rolled back the years last season for Pools - all the best Muzza

Jeff Hewitson ‏@Jeff_uey

Jeff senior will be heart broken about Murray - but what a player on and off the field, he will be a big miss #RoleModel

Tony Winspear ‏@winno

Disappointed to see Paul Murray leave, always gave 100%. Good, honest pro.

brianminton ‏@pooliebri

Murray was a great player but age has caught him up - hopefully we can bring someone in now he’s off wage bill

Paul ‏@PaulHUFC

Gutted about Murray, best player last season by a long shot

Mulgrews Biatch ‏@MichaelK1421

It’s a real shame about Murray, he was always Mr Reliable home and away last season. Loved a tackle and knew how to pass, he’ll be missed

Steven Bramley ‏@StevenBramley

Very shocked about Murray. Pity some of the other players don’t play with same attitude – he will be a big miss, he is a winner

alan parkinson ‏@poolyal

I wish Murray well! A model professional!

Martin ‏@kungfumonk365

I can think of 10 plus other players who should make way before Murray