From Sedgefield Ball Game to pancake races in Hartlepool – a host of flippin’ great activies on Shrove Tuesday

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YOUNGSTERS and grown-ups got into the Shrove Tuesday spirit with a flipping great day of activities.

Two to five-year-olds at Kiddikins nursery, in Hindpool Close Children’s Centre, Hartlepool, all took part in some pancake races.

They each had a pancake and a pan and ran as fast as their little legs could carry them to the finish line.

Amanda Guttridge, nursery nurse, said: “They really enjoyed it and all took part. It was great fun.”

Meanwhile, at Cotsford Junior School, in Third Street, Horden, the children researched the meaning of Shrove Tuesday and had to find recipes for pancakes, before making the tasty treats with teaching assistant Pauline Evans.

Head teacher Beverley Jones said: “It wasn’t just about making the pancakes, they had to learn about Shrove Tuesday and find out about it, and how pancakes were made.

“They had to write instructions for recipes as well and then got to make them and experiment with different toppings.

“The children had some pancakes themselves and then all the teachers were offered one as well.

“They all had a really good time.”

At Field View Care Home, in Blackhall, six members of staff took part in a pancake race, with the residents watching and cheering them on.

Michelle Howarth, care manager at the home, said: “Eberybody had a great time and the residents really enjoyed watching.”

And in Sedgefield, a Shrove Tuesday sporting tradition which has taken place for almost a thousand years was enjoyed by dozens of locals.

The game sees players compete for possession of a small leather ball.

There are very few rules, but many conventions, including a free drink for the first player to take the ball into any one of the local pubs.

Each year, a resident is chosen to kick off the games by passing the ball through the bull ring on the village green three times.




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