Hartlepool gran’s pride at Sochi Winter Olympics star

Senior Aircraftsman John Baines

Senior Aircraftsman John Baines

A HARTLEPOOL gran will be glued to her television set during this year’s Winter Olympics to cheer on her ice-cool athlete grandson as he competes against some of the globe’s top sportsmen.

Joan Godfrey is the proud grandmother of John Baines, who is part of the British Bobsleigh team taking part in the much-anticipated Olympics in Russia.

The opening ceremony kicked off the games yesterday and Joan, a mum of three and grandmother of eight, said she is “so excited” to watch her second-eldest grandchild – who she says has always been a “daredevil” – in action.

The retired clothing factory worker, who lives off Warren Road, in Hartlepool, said : “I can’t wait to watch him on the telly from the front row seat in my living room!

“I’m ever so proud of him.

“I’ve never been to see him doing the bobsleighing because it’s always away somewhere, and anyway I’m quite happy to watch him on the telly.”

She added: “I used to look after him when he was little, I used to go through to Middlesbrough on the bus.

“He’s a lovely lad, he always has been.

“He’s always been very sporty, and was always mischievous and a daredevil when he was little.

“He had one of those plastic cars what kids can sit in and push along with their feet, and he’d be the one climbing on the top.

“My heart used to be in my mouth because he didn’t see danger – he still doesn’t! Boys will be boys.

“Of course I worry because it is quite dangerous but you can’t say anything when they’re getting older.

I’m just glad he’s doing what he loves.” John grew up in Middlesbrough after his housewife mum, Joan’s daughter Christine, met and moved there with his dad Martin Baines, whom is a gas fitter.

The RAF serviceman, who is based at Leeming as a 
senior aircraftsman, still lives there with his wife Lexi and their son Harrison, aged two.

He earlier made his name on Teesside as a runner and with the shot put before taking up bobsleighing.




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