Eating Out

Eating Out

Win a ‘Steakation’ overnight stay and meal for two

Fancy a night away from it all?

This drink will take just seconds to make.

Healthy recipe of the week: Espresso peanut butter smoothie

This one’s for the coffee lovers. Try this espresso peanut butter smoothie to start your day.

Pringles cans are a recycler's worst nightmare due to its different components.

Why Pringles' 'idiotic' packaging is a recycling nightmare

Pringles, one of the nation's favourite snacks, has been singled out by an environmental expert as an example of how NOT to make recyclable packing.

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Tilly Ramsay.

Food & drink: Tilly is keeping it in the family with her new book

Tilly Ramsay is only 15 and already has her own TV show and cookbook, but she’s still not in charge of the kitchen at home.

Best Curry House of 2017

Which is Hartlepool’s best curry house? You decide

There’s nothing us Brits love more than a curry, and with more than 9,000 Indian restaurants in the UK, everyone has their favourite.

Eating Out
Blueberry banana bread.

Recipe of the week: Blueberry banana bread

This is one of my favourite banana bread recipes (who doesn’t like banana bread?!)

Doctors said the growing popularity of sushi in the West is linked to a rise in parasitic infections. Pic: Anthony Devlin/PA.

Sushi lovers warned of health risks of eating raw fish

Sushi lovers are being warned of the dangers of ingesting parasites from raw and undercooked fish.

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The lollies are on sale now.

Boozy ice lollies set for sale in Aldi

Summer’s about to get a tad bit boozier as discount supermarket Aldi has announced new premium adult-only ice popsicles.
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Healthy chocolate coconut crispie squares.

Recipe of the week: Healthy chocolate coconut crispie squares

I think these are my new favourite snacks when I need a chocolate fix. They taste great!

Cheap booze in supermarkets or off-licences is taking over from pubs.

Cheap booze is easier than ever to get in poor areas

Cheap alcohol is easier than ever to buy despite the dramatic surge in pub closures - especially in deprived areas.

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Recipe: Tortilla pizza

If you love pizza and haven’t tried tortilla pizzas yet, you must give this recipe a go!

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Jessica tries her hands at making a Pink Princess Smoothie.

Shaping Up: Try this recipe for a Pink Princess Smoothie

Here’s a quick and simple smoothie recipe that you can try with your kids.

This meal from the Tesco Finest range has been recalled.

Tesco recalls ready meal over allergy fears

Tesco has recalled its Finest Crab and Chilli Linguine because it has been mis-packed with Tesco's Finest Spaghetti Carbonara.

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Aldi and Lidl are being boosted by shoppers facing rising prices as higher inflation continues to push up the cost of a supermarket trip. Pic: PA.

Aldi and Lidl benefit as inflation pushes up supermarket prices

Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl are feeling the benefit as inflation causes the price of household staples to rise in supermarkets.

Do you actually like sushi?

Top 20 foods Brits claim to like

Are you a self confessed foodie? Apparently you're not alone, well sort of.

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Corn and courgette cakes.

Recipe of the week: Corn and courgette cakes

Serves 4

Rasberry Bombs, with a chocolate coating sauce.

Recipe of the week: Healthy raspberry Bombs

When you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s really important to have some healthy snacks at hand.

Eating Out
Only one out of 28 food categories are on track to meet 2017 salt reduction targets, a survey has found. Pic: PA.

Salt survey reveals which foods are failing to meet reduction targets

Only one out of 28 food categories are on track to meet 2017 salt reduction targets, a survey has found.
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Edwardian afternoon teas launched at Beamish

Edwardian afternoon teas launched at Beamish

Fancy taking tea like an Edwardian?

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REVIEW: Byron’s Restaurant and Seaham Hall

REVIEW: Byron’s Restaurant and Seaham Hall

From the marital home of the fabulously decadent Lord Byron, to providing bootleg booze to Al Capone, and a slightly less glamorous chapter as a TB hospital – if only Seaham Hall’s walls could talk.

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